Select Brazilian Protein
Vegan straightened from Brazil🇧🇷
(Professional Use Only)

Progressive Keratin - Formaldehyde Free
Duration time up to 6 months.
Repair, Hydrate and leave hair shiny for much longer, in 1 single step!

In search of a new hair straightener without formaldehyde?

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Select Brazilian Protein


What is Select Brazilian Protein Smoothing?

Created by a select group of Brazilian chemists that are experts on nanotechnology. Enriched with natural and technological ingredients responsible for renewing the damaged hair fiber and recovering the strength lost by the hair.


Select Brazilian Protein is a professional product, capable of promoting hair hydration and deep nutrition. Select Brazilian Product is primarily used for hair treatment and is not hypoallergenic.

Application Step by step Select Brazilian Protein

1. Wash hair well. (It doesn’t have to be a clarifying shampoo), then blow dry your hair to 60%. Leave moist.
2. Divide hair into 4 sections.
3. Apply Select Brazilian Protein 1 cm from the scalp. (Avoid applying any product directly to the scalp.)
4. Let it process for 60-90 minutes.
5. Rinse 100% of the product from the hair.
6. Blow-dry hair in sections.
7. Straighten fine strands with hair straightener under 480°F (250°C)

Benefits of Select Brazilian Protein

  Reduces excessive frizz

  Moisturizes the hair

  Renews the hair fiber

  Reduce split ends

  Promotes hydration

  Reduce excessive volume

  Promotes deep nutrition.

  Repairs hair cuticles

Action of Select Brazilian Protein

The lactic acid in its formulation penetrates the inner layer of the hair, restoring the luminosity, hydration and repair of the cuticle. Coconut oil builds a protective layer around the hair, protecting it from external damage. It is also responsible for controlling rebellious hair, reduces split ends and excess volume and frizz. Hydrolyzed Collagen is a natural asset responsible for giving more elasticity, flexibility and providing more movement to the hair.

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