Is the Formol killing your lungs yet? Why not Vegan?

Prohall Select Brazilian Protein Formaldehyde-FREE. Why go against your health? Give your clients the best treatment possible, without hurting yourself.

Select One

Made in Brazil

What is Select Brazilian Protein?

Created by a select group of Brazilian chemists and developers with nanotechnology. Enriched with natural and technological ingredients responsible for renewing the damaged hair fiber and recovering the strength lost by the hair.


Select Brazilian Product is a professional product, capable of promoting the hydration of the hair and deep nutrition. Select Brazilian Product is mostly used for hair treatment and is not hypoallergenic.

Here's why people love
Prohall Burix One

"It does more than align and repair hair. Once applied, it promotes thermal realignment, which will make the effect smooth and improve the silky appearance of the hair.”
"I loved the change, although in the photo you can not see well the client had super fluffy hair and with the application of the progressive keratin Burix One it was so super fable”

Benefits of Using Select Brazilian Product

  Reduces excessive frizz

  Moisturizes hairs

  Renews the hair fiber

  Reduces split ends

  Promotes hydration

  Reduces excessive volume

  Promotes deep nutrition.

  Repairs hair cuticles

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