Nanohall Plasty
Vegan Straightening from Brazil🇧🇷
(Professional Use Only)

Progressive Keratin - Formaldehyde Free, Duration time up to 6 months
Repair, Hydrate and leave hair shiny for much longer, in 1 single step!

In search of a new Straightening without Formula?

Nanohall Plasty


What is Nanohall Plastia?

Prohall Nanohall Plastia is a Brazilian protein with a Nano plastic hair repair. Rich in natural and technological ingredients responsible for renewing the damaged hair fiber and recovering the strength lost by the hair. Offers a healthy and long-lasting molecular realignment for the hair.

Action of Nanonall Plastia

Meanwhile he hyaluronic acid acts directly on the intense hydration of the hair, lactic acidenhances the treatment of renewing nutrition and hair rejuvenation. Also, the exclusive Bacaba oil, native to the Amazon, with its high content of fatty acids, provides a replacement of lipids, preventing the hair from drying out and treating it intensively.
Step-by-step application
of Nanohall Plastia
1. Wash hair well. It doesn’t have to be clarifying shampoo, then blow dry your hair to 60%. Leave moist.
2. Divide the hair into 4 sections.
3. Apply Nano Plastia 1 cm from the scalp. Avoid applying any product directly to the scalp.
4. Let it process for 60-90 minutes.
5. Rinse 100% of the product from the hair.
6. Dry the hair in sections
7. Straighten fine strands with a hair straightener below 480°F (250°C).

Benefits of
Nanohall Plastia

  Renews the hair fiber;

  Restores hair strength;

  Extraordinary shine;

  Acción hidratante y de relleno;

  Nutrition and rejuvenation of hair;

  Antioxidant and rejuvenating action;

  Repair of weakened areas;

  Intense hydration.


Nanohall Plastia is for professional use, capable of enhancing the strength of the hair and moisturizing it. Nanohall Plastia is the most widely used for hair treatment and is not hypoallergenic.
The cosmetic beauty industry has advanced more and more to have vegan products without Formaldehyde or chemicals that damage our health over time, Prohall Cosmetic’s vegan straightening products offer soft, hydrated and shiny hair for much longer in just 1 step!

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