Is the Formol killing your lungs yet? Why not Vegan?

Prohall Burix One Formaldehyde-FREE. Why go against your health? Give your clients the best treatment possible, without hurting yourself.

Made in Brazil

What is Burix One?

Prohall Burix One was developed with rich natural ingredients, of Amazonian origin and of sustainable extraction, such as Buriti. Rich in Vitamin A and fatty acids, lumini system, biotin, and tannin acid offers excellent results, renewing the hair fiber, providing a lot of shine, softness, and hair alignment.


Burix One is a professional product, capable of promoting the alternating of the hair structure, smoothing the strands, recovering the main nutrients, and strengthening the hair. Burix One is Formaldehyde -FREE

Here's why people love
Prohall Burix One

"It does more than align and repair hair. Once applied, it promotes thermal realignment, which will make the effect smooth and improve the silky appearance of the hair.”
"I loved the change, although in the photo you can not see well the client had super fluffy hair and with the application of the progressive keratin Burix One it was so super fable”

Benefits of Using Burix One

  Efficient and long-lasting straightening;

  Deep hydration and silkiness;

  Extraordinary shine;

  Reconstruction and retexturization of the hair fiber;

  Keratin replacement;

  Antioxidant and rejuvenating action;

  Repair of weakened areas;

  Reduction of excessive frizz;

  Split ends repair;

  Easy and practical application.

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