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After Germany defeated, the allies quickly found themselves in a tense standoff over the political and economic control of Europe.

We need to ensure that the legal documents are prepared so that they can be able to minimize any burdens of the obligations. Stalin and Churchill in peace talks to the close of World War II. We need to provide the flexibility of existing regulations and provide maximum protection against the contractual counterparties. It was the Cold War. The ability to understand legal concepts and utilize this understanding to construct an elucid, structured understanding of the way they operate in the real world is an important capability for any corporate lawyer to master.

The post-World War II period during Europe was defined by the political machinations that accompanied the Cold War. A college degree in history can be an excellent starting point to develop this. After Germany defeated, the allies quickly found themselves in a tense standoff over the political and economic control of Europe.

7. On one hand were those of the Western European nations led by the United States, and on the other side was that of the Soviet Union . Reading a lot! Both had radically different opinions on how to run the society and manage an economy. The ability to digest and comprehend massive amounts of information is a different talent that I picked up and developed in my time as a student of history. In fear of the spread of one other’s ideas and ideologies, the Communist Soviet Union and capitalist United States effectively split Europe in two, by dividing the continent into two halves, with Western Europe falling under a capitalism-based sphere of influence, as well as Eastern Europe cordoned essays off behind an iron curtain that was a result of the communist system and Soviet control. When you work in the law field, there’s plenty of information you have to absorb and comprehend so that you can give assistance or fulfill your job in an transaction.

There was never a time when any of the United States directly engage in combat against the Soviet military. The information may be in the form of legislation new regulations as a trial bundle, the accumulation of documents to be reviewed in due diligence. However, US as well as communist troops fought across the globe at various times particularly during the wars in Korea as well as Vietnam. In whatever department you choose to be in you’ll always have many books to learn. The war came at an end during the beginning of 1990s, when the government of the Soviet Union collapsed and many of its Eastern European possessions declared independence.

University studies in history give you lots of practice in this. Lesson Summary. Ability to read quickly while taking in the facts is an essential talent for an corporate lawyer. Modern European history has seen two major transformations: the economic revolution that was triggered by industrialization, and the change in politics that followed that of the French Revolution. 8. Modern technology enabled the newly formed nations of Europe started two world wars and forged the biggest empires that the world has ever witnessed. And also, reading smart …..

To access this lesson, you need to be an Study.com Member. As a historian, you don’t go through books in entirety. Sign up for your account. You don’t even go through the whole reading list. Petition for Right.

Perhaps, at the very least, you aren’t. On the 7th of June in 1628 The King Charles I signed the Petition of Rights that is being used today. If you do: immediately stop! The petition was an important factor during the English Civil War and inspire the American Constitution. It is important to be selective when reading in order to discover the most beneficial arguments and evidence for the essay you are writing about. What was the purpose of this petition? What was the reason it was necessary?

What changed? When we look into the Petition of Rights, let’s look into those issues more deeply. This helps speed up the writing process and allows you to think about the significance of each source in the final piece.

Petition for right: Charles I. This is a crucial quality to have as corporate lawyers. Before we get into the Petition of Rights, we require some background. Lawyers charge per hour and clients would like to know value for their money (hence value for money!).

The king, Charles I, was crowned in 1625 after the father of his son, James I, died. Being cautious in your research to maximize your time in reputable sources and getting right to the heart of an argument swiftly are abilities that will be important throughout your time as corporate lawyers. Charles and James both James as well as Charles were believers in God’s rights of the king. If you’re required to discover the details of the three fifty-page rulings on the notion of "reasonableness" within an hour you’re not able to read each word of them. This means that God selected the rulers of kingdoms, and they had a divine power to govern.

9. If you were to oppose the king, it was to be against God. Teamwork. All of this, when taken together, indicated that Charles was the king.

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